A bitter guide to open source

Ken Wheeler writes open source JavaScript libraries (Slick Carousel and Webpack Dashboard are two notable projects). He recounts his experiences with open source so far—the good, the bad and the ugly—tells us why we should be part of the open source community and how we should maintain our open source projects.
Whats the worst that could happen? People are gonna talk shit? I got news for you kiddo, you could put out the most perfect, useful, fuckin mind blowing code that ever touched GitHub and guess what? Some asshole is gonna come in and whine about something. Its an inevitability. Worst case scenario, you learn something. Someone will be like, “Hey this makes performance suck” and you can either be like, “Ugh I’m bad at programming, I quit” or you can be like “Oh wow, thanks for the tip, just fixed it, now its better”. Be the person who makes it better.