The everybody poops rule

Ross Tuck shared a shitty article about software quality guided by his "Everybody poops rule".
Everybody poops. But you don’t poop in every room in the house. You have a special room where you poop, you put a door on it and you only poop there.
A program is never "done", and in turn will never be perfect. It's important to differentiate between parts of a codebase are worth investing in, and parts that can be crappy, as long as they're contained in their own space.
The Everybody Poops rule is about admitting some parts of a system will be… well, crap. Not every part of the system could or should be top tier quality. Eventually, everybody poops. It’s a natural process. [...]
Just because you can manage poop successfully doesn’t mean you should do it everywhere. No amount of engineering will ever make a kitchen toilet a good idea. Similarly, don’t crap in the domain layer.